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i'm blowing back the kisses i blew to you before,
blew to you before.

and i'm tearing up the letters saying i adore,
saying i adore you.

and i will wait for the real thing,
for the real thing.
17.11.07 23:02

:D was für ein abend.
2.11.07 11:34

i felt you in my life before i even thought to.
felt the need to lay down beside you
and tell you:
i feel you in my heart, and i don't even know you
and now we're saying bye.
18.10.07 18:41

just because i don't say anything doesn't mean i don't like you, no. i opened my mouth and i tried and i tried, but no words came out.
and besides you're probably holding hands with some skinny, pretty girl that likes to talk about bands. and all i wanna do is ride bikes with you and stay up late and watch cartoons.
12.10.07 23:54

and i shout that you are all fakes.
(god, who'd wanna be such an asshole?)
9.10.07 20:35

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